How to file tax online


We all know that how life has been made easy by allowing people to submit their tax filing online so if your tax filing deadline is nearer then this article is going to help you to file your income tax online with the help of 6 Steps.


Register yourself


When you will file your income tax at first you have to register yourself and for registering yourself you need to go to the link of the Income Tax Department online tax filing site there you have to provide all your permanent information like the 10th date of birth name and then select a password.  Japan will then be used as the user ID


The way you want to file


There are basically two ways through which you can file your income tax return. You can either download the Requisite form from the site and then save it. Now after filling the details, you can again upload it to the site or you can use the online form and fill it quickly and submit there.


Requisite form


There are various types of requisite form.  You can use ITR 1 if you are earning money or Salary through the pension or any other income sources but not from a lottery.  ITR 2  can be used for gaining of capitals. It is mainly used by the people who have more than one property but does not have any capital gain. There are other requisite forms like the ITR  3 or 4 or 4s which are basically used by the business owners and professionals.


Prepare the documents


You need to keep all the information ready before submitting the file so that you can send it properly.  Like the PAN, TDS Certificate, insurance, home loans, Investments etc. Then you have to download the form that will show the taxes paid against the PAN. If your income will be near about 50 lakh then you have to fill some extra column for asset or liabilities. There you have to disclose all the values of the liabilities and assets and the assets should be declared properly.



Fill and upload


If you are going to submit the online form then you have to download the form and then fill all the details then click the generate XML option. After this, you have to go back to the website and then upload the XML. At first, you have to upload that file and then you have to submit.


Check ITR V


After you submit the form you will get the acknowledgment number which will be generated from that page.  If you submit the return by using your digital signature then you have to save the number and if it is not submitted through digital signature then the number which will be generated will be sent to the registered email ID.  If the item is not verified then the entire process will remain incomplete.


This is the easiest way of filing the tax return online. To File taxes online you can also check other options.